RGA Bridging the Divide in KL

Published on Oct 3, 2018 AD

Who says small can’t be enough? No matter the size of a team, the project is still achievable.

RGA Global Reinsurance Company sought us for a teambuilding event. This is our first time working with the RGA Company and this particular group is based in Labuan, Sabah, Malaysia. There were 24 participants who joined in on this event held at the Westin Hotel KL. There were 6 teams and each were required to complete 2 bridges that would in the end combine into 12 bridge sections.

This wonderful team worked so well together despite being small. They kept to time, knew that communication played a big role and worked with one another. They knew exactly what team work is and our team didn’t need to urge them into it.

The facilitator continued encouraging their great work and efficiency in managing their time. The facilitator encouraged other important key teambuilding skills such as teamwork, asking for help as well as communication.

The bridges were completed on time and a remote control car was controlled along the course that was built by each teams. The programme worked out very well for RGA Company and they left with huge smiles on their faces. Another Bridging the Divide success story!

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