Go Team - Indoor Activities

Teams explore their chosen indoor location with Go Team

1 - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
4 - Unlimited


Whether you want an event in a world class museum, at a hotel or venue of your choice, or as part of an exhibition or conference Go Team is the solution! Armed with a tablet pre-loaded with the award winning Go Team app, teams answer questions and challenges throughout your chosen venue. Our offline maps can be adapted to any location and situation.

Ideal for on-boarding and rewarding a team try our Museum Explorer, Venue Discovery, Art Gallery Explorer, or why not try one of our themed indoor go team activities like CSI or an Escape Room Challenge just to name a few.

Learning Outcomes

In Go Team Indoors participants engage and have fun together while learning key business skills. Leadership and delegation are key to making sure a team is working in parallel and to its strengths. Coolness under pressure and assessing risk and reward are fundamental to success. Use it to energise your conference, motivate & enthuse delegates, unify the group, explore specific learning outcomes or simply just to have a fun shared experience. The applications for Go Team Indoors are boundless including employee engagement, staff training, product launches, marketing & promotions, or gathering feedback.

Related Testimonial

Was a unique way of exploring the museum Our MICE group loved the bespoke challenges and are looking forward to using Go Team on our next trip.


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