Revel Music

Learn to play together as a percussion and drum ensemble

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
30 - Unlimited


In Revel Music teams get energised and invigorated as they learn to play together as a percussion and drum ensemble. Participants are given a choice of drums and percussion instruments from around the world. Guided by experienced musical instructors, participants are introduced to the basics of drumming and the language of rhythm using non-verbal communication techniques. Once the group is able to play as one and a group rhythm is established, musical breaks and solos are added to increase complexity and create a breathtaking shared musical experience.

Learning Outcomes

Rhythm and percussion empower and stir the emotions while drumming causes people to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and motivated. Bringing a sense of energy, unity and spontaneity to any conference or company event, Revel Music is a quick, highly effective way of energising and invigorating participants. Through the process of learning music and rhythm, daily concerns are forgotten enabling participants to focus on the tasks ahead. Revel Music is designed to take place in the main conference room or outside, without the need for breakout rooms

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Revel Music was a fantastic way to lift the energy of delegates and refocus them on the conference content.

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